Thursday, February 26, 2009

The $ 100 Birthday Party Challenge - Favors

The birthday parties are just 2 weeks away and I am in the middle of preparing for them. The first thing I did was to make spreadsheet of all the items I need for
activities,food,favors etc. Next step was shopping well (This is my favorite part)
for the three year old's Princess Party I decided to buy most of my favors the day after
Valentines Day,I got a lot of cute pink favors the were 50% off about 75-50 cents for a pack of 8 favors not bad!!

The Tiaras I picked up from the dollar store last year as I knew we'd be having a
princess party and I keep a look out year round for supplies. I also pick up these really nice Knights helmets and swords ,for the boys that will attend.

Lastly on my shopping trips I also picked up these adorable pink glass's just right
for a princess, 2 for a Dollar

The cost so far about $35


growingupartists said...

$35, that's alot for $35. The boys will LOVE those helmets (beware of swinging swords) and the girls will feel girly, especially with those heart stem glasses. Great job, enchanted Mommy!

Elegant Eventz said...

Thanks,the swords are made for foam so no one can get hurt.

Jennifer said...

Love this challenge! Especially with the economy being so bad, I think your ideas are great!

Just stopped by to say 'hi' from Mom Bloggers Club (the Follow Me Club). I'm excited to see how your parties turn out!