Monday, July 28, 2008

The Cupcake stand.

So when my 8 yr old wanted to set up a lemonade stand in our neighborhood.A bulb flashed in my head!! Why not a cupcake stand? Every one loves cupcakes. So I suggested,she set up a cupcake stand at the Induz Open house & picnic & donate part of her earnings to charity,she was all for it.
The cupcakes were a big hit & my daughter had a blast selling them,
she made $ 50 in one afternoon. Half of the amount, she donated to Induz

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tea with Daddy

We moms work very hard, and ever so often we get appreciation from kids and others around us, there are magazines,TV shows, internet sites and so much more that reaffirm the importance of what we do.Dare I say that the dads on the other hand do not get as much acknowledgment for what they do for their family?? So My first post is about celebrating dad. My three old hosted a tea party for dad after he came home from work(He has a cup of tea, every evening & we just made it a special celebration).We started with a hand made card and flowers(from our backyard for dad.

The Tea menu consisted of simple snacks available in the pantry.Cookies,caramel popcorn,crackers,fruit trifle,egg sandwiches,cucumber & hummus sandwiches,tea & juice.

The Fruit trifle was very easy to put together.

Pound cake,Tapioca pudding or any other kind of pudding,Your choice of fruits( jello,& whipping cream can also be added).
We had two kinds of sandwiches- egg sandwiches,cucumber & hummus sandwiches.

Tea ofcourse!!!and juice

A nice table cloth, flowers and napkins with dads initials( I picked them up at Micheal's) and the table was set for a special celebration just for dad.