Thursday, January 22, 2009

International Day-Tricolor(tiranga) Pulao

Its international day at my daughters school and I decided to make Tricolor Pulao (Triranga) to represent the colors of the Indian flag.The Indian republic day is right around the corner on the 26Th Jan so this may good and easy dish to try.

the three different kinds of rice are Saffron rice,Mint rice and plain rice
(curd rice would do too)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yesterday was an exciting day of new beginnings and hope.We celebrated with Obama cupcakes

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tea /chai

Baking has always been a weakness for me.Stories of how I burn things in the oven are famous among friends and family.I baked the perfect scones yesterday!!!
All thanks to Youtube.

I am hooked to the all the recipe demonstrations on youtube.When you read a recipe
the one thing missing is technique.The videos show you exactly what to do and More
importantly what not to.

Here is the Cranberry scones recipe -

Another recipe I tried from youtube were these delicious chicken finger sandwhich recipe. They were really really good. i just added walnuts and that made it even better.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tick Tock clock countdown new year table

I was inspired by the table featured at the Hostess with the mostess website so i tried my version


I am no expert in decorating cakes but this came out quite well

The Disco ball ornaments made the whole house glow!!

Celebrating Diwali in the US

I know this is terribly late for (or early) Diwali but here is some glimpses into my Diwali celebration decor last year.Living outside of India my daughters don't get as much exposure
to our beloved festivals as I would like them to have.So they don't really know what it is to pig out on mithai(besides these day we worry about the calories).To light patakha's (fire crackers)
its illegal were we live .But each year I try to make it as exciting for them as I can. I still remember
my daughter being five and saying she wasn't really very excited about diwali "Not like its Christmas"!! We were going to the usual potluck dinner.That statement saddened me a lot but
I realize she didn't know how exciting diwali was she didn't really see the fun part of it as I did
growing up of course she looks forward to Christmas because its so festive here all her friends
are excited and THE PRESENTS!!!
So I thought why not adapt it to suit her environment. So I decided to have a diwali gift exchange among all her Indian friends( a big Hit) then the next hurdle was the fireworks Its Illegal in my county and not available anytime except 4th of July So we combined a Dusherra tradition of
burning the Ravan ka putla with Diwali. Diwali usually falls around Halloween so my friend used a straw scarecrow as a base for a Ravan.

she certainly put a lot of effort into it and here what happened to it !!

The Kids loved listening to the Story of Ramayan and burning the evil ravan.

I am not too good at rangoli so I did a mini rangoli as my centerpiece with
battery candles over store bought.Why fake candles ? just thought it was safer with so many kids around.