Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Spring Celebration.

So spring is here, and the weather is just getting warmer and the sun in out in full
force,here is sunny California.We had a lil spring tea party for my four year old daughters play date and it was all floral with flower cupcakes,candy floss all
very girly.

The Favor Bag was full of goodies fit for a lil lady

The Menu was simple and easy

Strawberries,Lil Debbie Boston Creme Rolls,Nutella sandwiches,Fruit triffle

The cupcakes stole the show.The girls loved the fact they they could have the cake
and get a lolipop too! I baked some for the preschool Easter party too.


growingupartists said...

Wow!!! Totally magical, all this for a four year old? Amazing!!!