Wednesday, March 11, 2009

3 more days to go for the $100 Princess Birthday Party!!!

Three more days to go and I have my favors all ready the party activities are all set.
For the party table I will be using things I already have so no additional costs there.
I do have a mini princess cake mold that I will use to make a cake and the rest will be cupcakes.

Here is our party menu.

Another idea that hit me a few days back was the the dress up idea. It has the potential to throw me off budget but I am not spending any money on this.
Why not involve parents in the Dress up? So I looked in the closets and garage and found Hats a crown,Tiara a wig all used in past Halloweens

So while our lil princess's and knights are all dressed up we get a chance to have the whole family pose for a Royal picture.

Picked up gold colored plates from party city on sale &1.49 for 20!! wow I am nearly all set.