Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diwali Dessert Corner

Happy Diwali everyone. Diwali is the biggest Indian festival and there is so much excitement in our home in preparation for it. Sweet treats are a big part of the festival with people sending boxes of Mithai (sweets to their friends and family.)
Heres a nice way to set up a dessert corner for your guests to enjoy.

Easy home made flower shaped Kalakand

The winter nip is already in the air, piping hot Gajar ka Halwa
(Carrot dessert)warms you up.

Gulab Jamuns is the most popular Indian dessert in the world, so of course it has to be served for any Diwali party. Served on candy sticks to make them less messy to eat.

For the decor I used two Satin curtain panels bought at a discount store the stands
are basically cardboard boxes tucked under the satin panels.Lots of Dia's with the battery candles on them (don't want to start a fire.)


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